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For those who wish to be an editor here

hello and thank you guys for nominating yourself to be of help to me.

with that said in order to take you in please suggest here. based on your suggestions i’ll decide on the editor thank you.



sorry guys some net went down and i’m trying to get a prepaid conn for the time being from a different isp. the chapter is at 81% and it’ll be posted by 01:00 pm today since i’m at a library trying to finish it up as much i can on my laptop. well i came for some project as well it should be posted by 3-4 pm gmt that would be probably 5 hrs frm now?.


Also its a little depressing after reading this . i don’t know what i did to get this much hate on the first release itself. and also if someone better wants to pick it up go ahead i’ll be ready to drop it.

Chapter 192 Hiiro vs. Leowald

Alright guys here is you chapter Sorry its a bit late. The story was a bit confusing coz leowald was shapeshifting way too much hehe. anyways as for the next chapter it’ll be also a bit late sorry in advance because i want to make charecter pages and skill reference pages coz its a bit confusing while translating and i have to search the previous chapters for the names used.

that’s all.. enjoy.

also a big thanks to darkfist672 For being the first patron of this blog.

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Knw chp 191 Finale

Iya… so i did it finally. also status for thew Word master has been decided you can check on the sidebar. there were a few places where i might have got the name confused up so do point it out. also I’m looking for an editor as well, well one for a long term that is so do volunteer for it. anyways if there are any queries do comment or tweet me and I’ll get to it as fast as i can. so without further ado here is your whole chapter and this site’s first completed chapter. LOL note seems none of you noticed that i turned Marione into a girl in the last post (teaser). I’m really sorry Mustache Baron you Mustache is the best in the world. Man this is what happens when you decide to randomly translate without going through the story once again:P

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Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 191 Finale.. part 1

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New project?

hello hello hawkster here…..

man that was some busy schedule but finally i’m able to take some time out for translations again…. dunno why knw translations aren’t coming i was unable to find out anyways i did a part of chapter 191 u guys can give me some feed backs on it? if possible i’ll take it up since it has stopped also i’ll have to reread it since i forgot most of that stuff so if u guys find some mistake do note em out in comments..

if possible i’ll take the next few days to re read knw chapters after which i’ll continue its translations

anyways the chapter is in the next post do give out ur reviews on it.

long awaited update

hello sorry for being mia some rrl problem showed up with that said i’m back to start tl’ing however for the time being both kns and isekai tensei will be on hiatus as i just can’t get them to tl. however i’ll be picking a different short wn to mae up and will complete it so please look forward to it.

Kuro no senki Chapter 1 part 1

Part 1

Kurono’s eyes followed the wheel tracks as it kept on extending from under his feet as towards the forest. Dense grass grew which reached the point that the tracks were covered halfway spreading towards the Dark Forest.

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Just a random traveler passing by, picking up a few translations along the way.

if you like my work do comment and if there are any errors please mark them as well

with all that said thank you.

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