The fifth match resulted in draw; however no one in their minds thought that it would end like this leaving them dumbstruck. Especially on the [Gabaranth] side since King Leowald himself participated, everyone was sure of their victory, but due to the result being draw they were unable to believe it. But only Rarashiku approached towards the arena grinning while Leowald was carrying Regulus under his arms.

(This results is due to that bad habit of Leowald isn’t it?. As for this… )

(Rarashiku sama!?)

Unintentionally Barid raises his voice so that Rarashiku word’s couldn’t be heard by many people, but,

(Suman ai..)

Surprisingly, it was Leowald who spoke the words of apology.

(Leowald sama……….)

Not only Barid but everyone present directed their attention towards him.

(We might have kept it under the fifth game if we had gone all out from the beginnings)

(So. Leo sama became so engrossed in trying to measure the unexpected ability of the other party that you lost the game. Are you saying this is the reason of your loss?)

(……..fuuu, Even though everyone in the [Gabaranth] fought with their everything I the king was unable to give you the victory)

Leowald remained silent without knowing what everyone might say.

(Leo sama, but it hasn’t finished yet right?)


(Rule of <<AGASSHI>>. even if the five games have finished without a conclusion, we can still take a representative from each camp and a final game can be performed. That is the rule)

Leowald slowly lowers Regulus to the ground.

(Please heal him.)

Seeing that Kukuria and Mimiru came to his side and nodded slowly. Leowald also reacted after seeing everyone in front of him by slightly rubbing his chin with his hands.

(This time it was my mistake that it resulted in a draw. But since we can still recover victory can I have the final chance in order to assure our victory?)

After hearing the word, silence was overflowing until someone shouted “The Beast King” after that everyone shouted out there support for him.

(We believe in you Leowald sama!)

(Right! our king is the strongest!)

(The destiny of [Gabaranth] is in the hands of our king!)

Voices of praise were heard by Leowald unanimously. Hearing this he couldn’t control his emotion. Seeing this much confidence and trust towards him by his people he felt really grateful towards them

(But is it really okay? for Leowald sama who was already participated in two games, you should have exhausted a considerable amount of strength and magic?)

(I have some time until the representative game begins in the mean time I’ll recover as much as possible please call the healing group)

(……..I shall look after you Leo sama)

(Suman na)

And Leowald pumped his fist high when he did cheering erupted and roars shaking the area were heard.

(By all means victory shall be in our hands!)

((((ooooooo tsu!))))

Everyone’s feelings were unified. Leowald steeled himself in order to assure victory in the next game.

(It’s bad Rara, to pull me away when everyone’s morale is finally so high

(nahaha! No I have already seen enough)

While saying so she caught Muir and Arnold who were staring at them. She was able to confirm the growth in her disciple.

(But do you get it? the opponent in the final game might be……….)

(aa………yes………it’ll probably be that guy……)

(……..Leo sama you’re grinning too much..)

(oh!! is it so visible?)

Unintentionally he tries touching his face. However looking at Leowald Rarashiku couldn’t help but smile.

(Your feelings are clearly visible on your face ne. but he’s strong you know…….. Hiiro that is)

(…….. I know that)

Both of them turn their gaze towards that [Evila] which is on the other side. People from the [Evila] had already rushed towards where Eveam had fainted. As for Marione she lowered her quietly


It seemed that Regulus has somehow recovered his consciousness

[……here….is…..?] (……koko…wa……?)